About Us

Richard Senior Care, LLC in Snellville, Georgia is headed by Marjorie Richard. She is currently working as a registered nurse in a hospital. Marjorie has been working in the orthopedic floor for more than 4 years. Since she started in the medical industry more than 15 years ago, Marjorie has seen seniors who needed assistance with accomplishing activities of daily living.


“The story of our company begins in 2004, when I first became a nursing assistant. From a young age, I have always had an affinity for the elderly and disabled. There was something there that made me feel complete by helping those who couldn’t help themselves.”

“I’ve worked in multiple settings in the healthcare industry, from rehab centers, assisted living facilities, nursing home, and of course, to private residences. Moving forward, as my experience grew, so did my passion.”

“In 2007, I went to school to earn my associate degree as a registered nurse. In 2016, I went back to school to earn my BSN degree. I am currently working in the hospital as a registered nurse. I specialize as a medical surgical/ orthopedic nurse.”